Rock-n-Worship Camp 2012 Recap ! [Part 1]

Rock-n-Worship Camp 2012! (not the official photo)

Well the Rock-n-Worship Camp 2012 edition concluded with a high energy night of joyful worship.

Save the dates for next year’s camp! June 24-28, 2013. Whoot!

Throughout the week we learned about biblical worship, developed practical musical skills, enjoyed fun and games and worked really hard on the repertoire.

Our campers were blessed to be served by passionate and highly skilled coaches.

Everyday began with morning worship, scripture and devotional thought.


Heart: Rob taught from Mark 12:30, “Putting the First Commandment in First Place”,
Head: Music Machine game, The Number System
Hands: 1 hr Morning class,  1 hr Afternoon class, 1 hr Super Group

Our Awesome Coaches! Allen Avery, Brian Zimmerman, Rob Still, Jillian Harding, Rebekah Davis


Heart: Jillian taught on “Sacrifice” and “What Is Worship?”
Head: Music Machine game & The Number System
Hands: 1 hr Morning class,  1 hr Afternoon class, 1 hr Super Group


Heart: Brian taught about “Surrender” from Revelation 4
Head: The Karate Chop game, Rhythm Basics
Hands: 1 hr Morning class,  1 hr Afternoon class, 1 hr Super Group


Heart: Rob taught from Romans 12:1-2 “Worship Is All of Life”
Head: Jillian & Rob taught about sound waves with video examples, Introduced “The Earth Is Yours” song outside
Hands: 1 hr Morning class,  1 hr Afternoon class, 1 hr Super Group

Video: The Earth Is Yours  (Thursday Afternoon’s teaching segment)


Heart: extended worship time, Jillian taught on expressing passion in worship
Head: Watched video “What Is The Gospel?”
Hands: Extended Rehearsal for the Worship Celebration

Friday we enjoyed a great taco dinner from Maria Waller, relaxed with the movie “Horton Hears A Who”, then had a photo shoot with Melissa Goodyear (link coming!)

What a great culmination of the Heart, Head and Hands teaching and coaching approach. The week was a smashing success!


Super Group preparing for our final Worship Celebration!

Friday Night’s Worship Celebration

  • We Have Come
  • Mighty To Save
  • Our God
  • How He Loves
  • Specials:
    • Girls Trio: How Great Is Our God
    • Guys Band: Title?
    • Da Gyrls: Title?
  • Your Love Never Fails
  • Revelation Song
  • One Thing Remains
    • Presentation of Graduation Certificates and Appreciation of Staff
  • The Jesus La La Song

The feedback we received from most folks was something like “amazing” or “awesome”.

Check out our Rock-n-Worship Camp Facebook page for more bonus pics and videos. Make sure to upload and share yours!

Vocal Group coached by Rebekah Davis


Drummers coached by Brian Zimmerman!


Guitars & Bass coached by Jillian Harding


Keyboards & Horns coached by Allen Avery!


We’ll feature more pics and a link to the photo-shoot, videos, and more afterglow warm fuzzies in the next blog post, Camp Recap Part 2! 

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  1. Christian Bethard July 3, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    Best part were the great teachers!

    • Director July 3, 2012 at 11:01 am #

      That’s awesome Christian! Thanks for commenting! You can be a great drummer! See ya next year, or maybe earlier!

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